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 Here you can purchase a phone session or tip securely online with Stacy.

On checkout will be asked to provide the phone number you want to be called on. After your successful purchase, I will be notified and will call you.  Please be patient getting notified and setting up to place the call usually takes about 15 minutes.  You must be sure that you have “Anonymous call blocking” on your phone turned off. If not my call to you will not go through.

I have no doubt that I will satisfy your desire – in the event there are issues and you are not happy you are welcome to contact management at to resolve any issues.

If you enjoyed your phone sex chat and would like to give me a tip you could come back here to tip me. Thanks!    Tips / Tributes are the icings on the cake so to speak and we all love icing 🙂

Only make an online purchase if my status indicator below says I am available.

This is a NON-REFUNDABLE purchase! So make sure I am available for your session before you pay.  

Have any issues email or call dispatch at 1-888-497-9997 during office hours of availability.

Prices are in US Dollars. Canadians when paying by credit card you will be billed in USD convert for your rate.
Canadians can also pay by etrans during office hours or you can pre-book with 1 of our fantasy phone sex ladies. Call us at 18884979997 during office hours and one of our operators will arrange your booking or pre-booking with the fantasy chat lady of your choice.
Payment cards accepted are: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex and their associated debit and gift cards.
Payments are discreetly billed to your payment card as